Xiaomi MiA1 Review and Unboxing

Xiaomi MiA1 Review and Unboxing – This time we are gonna do the unboxing video and review the latest mobile phone from Xiaomi MiA1. This is a mobile phone from Xiaomi that use pure Android OS without using MIUI. This one is a variant of 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory.

Xiaomi MiA1 Review – Packaging

Packaging from Xiaomi MiA1 is almost the same as the packaging of other Xiaomi phones, the only difference in this version is an additional cover box with Android one logo on it. There is a dual lens camera on the back and one fingerprint sensor in the middle. At the bottom, there is a Xiaomi logo, Android One logo, and some other production information. like another standard Xiaomi phone, in the box, you’ll only get a USB charger adapter, USB Type-C cable, and some other instruction and manual book.

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Xiaomi MiA1 Review – Operating System

Now I will turn on the device and see the user interfaces. this is the initial startup screen of Xiaomi MiA1. We will be asked to enter some initial settings before starting to use this phone. now we want to set up fingerprint scanner in Xiaomi MiA1. In the initial setting we have to create a pattern then set up the fingerprint. And now the fingerprint setting is complete. In other settings, we’ll just skip it for now. here’s the default screen of Xiaomi MiA1 with pure Android OS.

launcher of stock android is quite simple and fast. Although there are some features of MIUI that are not included in the stock Android OS. Slides the screen up to open the app drawer and slide left to show Google Now. The Android version used on this phone is Nougat 7.1.2 version and reportedly it will also be available with Oreo update in the near future.

Xiaomi MiA1 Review – Fingerprint Speed, Photo, and Gaming Performance

The placement of the fingerprint in the middle of the Xiaomi MiA1 back can be easily reached using the index finger. the fingerprint speed is also quite fast from the off-screen state. The photos taken using the rear camera is also quite good because it is also equipped with a dual camera lens that can add some blur effect in the background of the object. There is also a setting to add watermarks in the photo and there are also some settings that can be changed manually for the camera.

The gaming performance is also quite good. on this test, I just tried the performance by playing Subway Surf. Maybe if there are requests to test the gaming performance with other games available, I will test it in the near future.

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