Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Back Pack (Review & Test)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge wireless charging battery pack (Backpack) is a phone case to charge your samsung s7 edge phone without any wires. The battery pack look just like typical battery case but comes with a remarkable features.

The size of this backpack case accessories for samsung galaxy s7 edge is pretty small for a battery case. It only adds minimum width and height to the phone. Though the back side of the battery case is a little thick, it is really easy to hold when attached to the phone.

Many other battery cases require users to attach the cable to the charging port in order to charge the phone. By using this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Back Pack, you do not need to use any wires anymore. Simply put your phone in the case and immediately charge your s7 edge wirelessly. The galaxy S7 edge backpack will add additional 3.400 mAH battery to your Galaxy S7 Edge.

Using this battery case will not block your access to the micro USB port or jack port since the bottom of the phone is uncovered completely. The backpack can be easily charged from the top even while your phone still on the case. On the top, there is also a power button that will shows the current battery level when pressed on the four LEDs. There is also one other LED to show that your case is fully charged.

You can purchase Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Back Pack from amazon on this link below: (Silver) (Black)


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