Ringke Slim Case Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Review)

In this video, we will hava a look at Ringke slim case for Samsung galaxy s7 edge. On this video is the black color variant. You can also find two other color options down below.

This ringke slim case comes with the thank you message from Ringke. And of course, one Ringke Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a tough and solid design. On the back side we get a Ringke SLIM print. And also some on the inside with some other information on it. As you can see, the case looks pretty solid. And the port is well-designed for Samsung S7 Edge smartphone.

The case can be easily put on the phone with a simple click and it really feels great. It is so lightweight, slim and perfectly fit on the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge phone. All buttons is easily accessible in this Ringke case. The camera is also protected even when you put in on the flat surface table. All buttons and functionality on this smartphone works perfectly in this case. You can access all ports and buttons easily just like without a case. The phone grip looks really natural and comfort in every little push you make.

Click on the link below If you want to purchase the Ringke Slim case for your smartphone.

Ringke Slim Case S7 Edge – Black: Click Here
Ringke Slim Case S7 Edge – Frost Grey: Click Here
Ringke Slim Case S7 Edge – Royal Gold: Click Here
Ringke Slim Case S7 Edge – Frost Mint: Click Here


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