Mini Condenser Microphone Eachshot Comica CVM-VM10 Kit Unboxing & Review (Audio Sample Included)

Eachshot Comica CVM-VM10 Kit Unboxing & Review – This is the video for unboxing EACHSHOT COMICA CVM-VM10. The microphone is suitable for DJI Osmo and DJI Osmo Mobile.

Inside the package, we got a microphone from Eachshot Comica, a shock absorbing stand to place the microphone. Shock absorbing stands is used to prevent the sound interference that occurs when recording audio. Inside the box we also get two different functional cables, one gray color cable can be used for smartphones and the black one is specialized for the camera.

One wind screen is also available in the package which is useful for reducing noise in the microphone for indoor use. Inside the package also includes one wind muff to be used when recording sounds outdoors. There is also one universal mount for DJI Osmo which is useful for putting the microphone on the DJI OSMO body. All of these accessories can be stored in the built-in carrying case that is available at the time of purchase of Eachshot Comica CVM-VM10.

At the last part of the video, there are some examples of sound ambiance recording using the built-in microphone of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone versus sounds ambiance using the EACHSHOT COMICA CVM-VM10 Microphone. Please share the opinion about what you think of this microphone by giving your comment below.


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