Logitech K400 Plus (Unboxing & Review)

On this video we will review Logitech wireless touch keyboard K400 Plus which is a very recommended keyboard with integrated touchpad for your PC or home entertainment use.

Logitech K400 Plus wireless touch keyboard offers some new buttons such as one left click button on the upper left corner of the keyboard and also volume up, down, and mute button above the touchpad position. The built-in touchpad on this keyboard feels smooth just like its predecessor Logitech K400. Typing on Logitech K400 Plus is quieter than Logitech K400.

All buttons on the Logitech K400 Plus works perfectly as expected. There are some shortcuts to control the computer very quickly. Users can also play and control the music application such as Spotify using those keyboard shortcuts.

you can purchase Logitech K400 Plus here: Click Here


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