How to Use DJI OSMO Mobile with Xiaomi Yi, Go Pro, or Xiaomi Yi 2 Action Camera

On this video, we are going to test DJI OSMO Mobile with Xiaomi Yi Camera. On this test, We need DJI OSMO, Xiaomi Yi Camera, and two rubber bands. You may also need a phone to see the preview of what you are recording from Xiaomi Yi Camera. Basically, we put our smartphone directly to DJI OSMO however with the action camera we cannot put it like the smartphone and we have to trick it a little bit. The easiest way to this by using the rubber band as shown on the video. And the most importantly we have to block the sensor that detects whether the smartphone has attached on the DJI OSMO. Do not forget to remove the cover on this sensor when you store DJI OSMO after using it with Yi Camera So it will not turn on and automatically move the gimbals on your bag.

The trickiest part is to stabilize the gimbals because the weight of Yi camera is not like the smartphone and we have to put it more to the left and make sure it does not fall off easily. To monitor your Xiaomi Yi camera you need to turn on your camera and open Yi Action app on the phone and connect it to the Xiaomi Yi camera through wifi. Make sure you cover the sensor on DJI OSMO mobile. As you can see on the video, It is working perfectly with only using the rubber band. The only downside is we can not record from the normal or usual position. But, we need to record it from the back side. Anyway, the gimbals is working perfectly so it fully works for Xiaomi Yi camera or GoPro action camera. You only need to use two rubber bands and block the built-in sensor on DJI OSMO mobile device.

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What do you think? Is it a good idea? Please share your opinion about this trick and let me now if you have a better idea to use Xiaomi Yi camera on DJI OSMO mobile. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to watch other video, subscribe, like and share this video to your friends. See you on the next video.


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