DJI OSMO Mobile Video Sample (Samsung S7 Edge Vs Xiaomi Mi5)

On this video, you can find the video sample of DJI OSMO Mobile while being used with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices. It also compares the footage taken with Samsung S7 Edge with Xiaomi Mi5 to show you how the difference can DJI OSMO Mobile make to your video footage when you are recording the video while walking on your daily activities.

The first part of this video show two footage side-by-side. On the left, you can see the video sample taken using Xiaomi Mi5 only without using DJI OSMO Mobile. On the right was taken using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge attached on the DJI OSMO Mobile. On the second section, there are full video footages for Xiaomi Mi5 and Samsung S7 Edge shown alternately.


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