Dji Osmo Mobile Unboxing (Gimbal for iPhone and Android)

DJI OSMO Mobile is a gimbal for iPhone or Android devices that can capture your moment effortlessly and cinematically. This device can turn your mobile smartphone device into a smart motion camera and make every moment on your video smooth and remarkable.

DJI OSMO Mobile can help you in shooting video when walking with steady and cinematic shoot. You can easily turn your everyday video into a cinematic video by using DJI OSMO Mobile. DJI OSMO Mobile also support live streaming that allows you to share moments directly to your YouTube Live using DJI GO application. The DJI GO application can be easily downloaded on App Store for Apple Users and Google Play Store for Android users.

DJI OSMO Mobile is also able to help you in shooting dramatic long exposures without a tripod for a sharp night shots. It will definitely keep your phone position steady. You can also use a tripod to capture the star trails on the night sky. This DJI OSMO Mobile comes with full camera control with dedicated button to capture and record video.

You can purchase DJI OSMO Mobile for your smartphone here: Click Here


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