Creator of Flappy Bird Will Release New Game titled Swing Copters


Hello Santers. Still remember with Don Nguyen phenomenal game Flappy bird that’s being famous a few months ago? Right now, the phenomenal game developers will soon release a new game that has the same genre with the game’s predecessor. Nguyen gave the name of the new game Swing Copters


Looking at the track record of the game Flappy Birds that generate millions of downloads and hundreds thousands of dollars, it seems that Nguyen will bring ​​this game with the similar success.

Flappy Birds game first favored by the users of iOS and Android because the game is very difficult and frustrating, so it make the players want to play more and more.

There is no such information whether the Swing Copters will be free or premium. But, if we saw the succesful of Flappy Birds game that can generate 55,000 dollars a day, I think this game will be free as well. Hopefully there is an option to remove ads on this game maybe by paying $ 0.99.

Hopefully, after Swing Copters game was released, and generates millions of dollars, Don Nguyen will not get rid of this game as he did in his previous games. And this time Flappy Birds had earned the money 600 million dollars a day. Until now, there is no one that know what is the reason of Nguyen taken down flappy birds games. Some people said that Nguyen remove this game for download because he can not hold the pressure from Mario Bros fans that said his game is an act of plagiarism of old Nintendo game Mario Bros. In my opinion, the only thing that is similar to this old Mario Bros game is just the pipes and background.

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So, What do you about this new game guys? While you’re waiting for this game released, you can watch the teaser video of his game Swing Copters above. It looks fun!


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