Bend Test on iPhone 6 Plus


The main topic this week encompassing the iPhone 6 has absolutely spun around reports that it is inclined to curving, with the circumstances getting to be casually known as “Bendgate” on Twitter and even in another social media. The discussion was started by an iPhone 6 Plus bending feature by “Unbox Therapy” that was later gotten out for fake.

Bend Test on iPhone 6 Plus

In order to demonstrate that Bend Test on iPhone 6 Plus are true, “Unbox Therapy” hit the avenues at “Yonge-Dundas” Square in downtown Toronto, Canada to Bend Test on iPhone 6 Plus in front of camera in an uncut way. In the above video, which has different witnesses, he endeavors to demonstrate that curving the iPhone 6 Plus is extremely conceivable without utilizing a great deal of power.

He finishes up by demonstrating that the new “Moto X” device can not be curved when it puts under a comparative measure of energy only with his hands. In conclusion after watching this bend test video on iPhone 6 Plus, it doesn’t mean the iPhone is the main cell phone which is easily bent. Aluminum itself is an exceedingly malleable material, and it will curve under enough weight.


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