Aroma Dot Ultransmit – Ultrasonic Ionizer, Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser KW-017 Review

In this video i will review the ultrasonic aroma diffuser from Ultransmit. This product also works as a mini humidifier with adjustable mist volume and Air purifier with charming night light.

There are some manual books on the box that will help users to operate the device. You can refer to it when you are not sure how to use the product. We also got the device itself, adaptor to power the device and one 100ml cup to help you in refilling the aroma diffuser.

The cover material is made of glass so be careful when you put the device next to the children. This is the inside look of where you put the water. So, let’s connect the adapator and turn this device on. The Lamp Button on the right is used to control the LED, to make the LED color fixed, press the lamp button once, to turn the light off press it again. To continue LED color changing mode press it one more time.

To add some water to the water tank, use the cup provided on the box to fill the water with only third of the cup. add 3 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil into the water, in this video i use aloe vera aroma. Do not forget to make sure the water do not exceed the maximum water line.

Okay now it’s done and now you can enjoy your aroma diffuser on your room peacefully.

4 in 1 Aroma Dot Ultransmit:

– My Gear –
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:
Fotopro Compact Aluminium Tripod – DIGI-3400:
Yunteng Profesional Fluid Tripod Head – 950:
Mood Light Led Strip 5050 RGB 2M with USB Controller:


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